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``That is why, brother, I became a madcap baul.
no master I obey, nor injunctions, canons or custom.
now no men-made distinctions have any hold on me,
and I revel only in the gladness of my own welling love.
in love there's no separation, but commingling always.
so I rejoice in song and dance with each and all."

-- Rabindra Nath Tagore
The Hibbert Lecture, Oxford, 1930

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Joyguru Baul Sampradaya
Soumya's Folk Music of India

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Sonali Chakraborty-Acuna fell in love with the music of the Bauls at a young age.  Her beautiful voice and passion for the music have helped her gather excellent Baul musicians for performing and recording.  her group, "Sister Sonali" has recorded three CDs with folktribe records in the US and has plans for several other compilations to be recorded next year in West Bengal.



See some of the current performers.  Soon to have photos of everything we can find related to bauls, including past and present musicians, instruments and more. Sister Sonali will start performing again in October when the season begins in Goa. 

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